High School Students Create Graphic Novels with Local Public Library

Sophomores at Burke High School used Things Fall Apart as a jumping off point for their graphic novel project addressing civil rights suppression via Charleston City Paper

Sophomore students at Burke High School have partnered with Charleston County Public Library to complete a special project that highlights the topic of civil rights suppression around the world. Through this project, the students will be creating greaphic historical novels based on Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart.

Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart follows the story of Okonkwo - a man whose traditions are being eroded by white missionaries and government officials. Taking the context of this novel, the Burke English and Social Studies students will be developing their own stories about political oppression and how it has affected other marginalized groups throughout history.

Staff members of the Charleston County Public Library have been enlisted to help students find the necessary historical evidence and first-person accounts in order to develop their stories. Charleston County Public Library Deputy Director Darlene Jackson said, "The library is committed to sustaining our connection with Burke High School, which is served by our Main and John L. Dart branches. We continue working to strengthen that connection through outreach, library programs and partnered library projects involving students at the school."

Once the students have completed the project, the Charleston County Public Library will have the stories printed, bound, and entered into the archive collection at the library. For more information, visit ccpl.org