Journal of Academic Librarianship Features New Article on Graphic Novels Collections in Libraries

Volume 43, Issue 2 of the Journal of Academic Librarianship features a new research article written by Academic Outreach Librarian, Aimee Slatera, and Metadata Coordinatory, Ann Kardos, from Brandeis University titled Graphic Novels: Collecting, Cataloging, and Outreach in an Academic Library

In this research article, Slatera and Kardos explore a major question asked by librarians when considering graphic novel collections: how does an academic library with little to no comprehensive collection create one and how does it engage students with acquired titles? Starting out as a personal project for Slatera and Kardos to grow their graphic novel collection and explore the affects it could have on their communities, the pair found that much of the extensive literature dedicated to graphic novels in an academic library's collection did not apply to them. Most of the information they found focused on public library collections or were larger-scale studies of usage within an academic library as well as the titles the library was lacking rather than what was included. 

Slatera and Kardos provide an in-depth analysis of buildling a graphic novel collection in an academic library as well as how to use this collection to reach out to the students they serve. To view the full PDF version of their research article, click here.