Joe Pruett Discusses His Work on BLACK EYED KIDS

The Black-Eyed Children are terrorizing a seemingly sleepy, all-American town, causing pain, suffering, and death to its citizens and populace. But why have they choose this particular community and what is their "real" purpose in doing so? A diverse and seemingly discounted group of people realize that their past lives have led this to this frightful encounter and that this is no such thing as a chance encounter.

The Black Eyed Kids Volume 3 will be avilable March 27, 2018. Check out our interview writer Joe Pruett below!

Ashley Kronsberg: For the few who are not up to speed, can you give us the elevator pitch behind the series leading up to this third volume?

Joe Pruett: BLACK-EYED KIDS, the series, is based on the urban legend that’s been circulating the past two decades or so, involving creepy, teenage kids with solid black eyes who knock on your door late at night asking for permission to come inside. You’re instantly frozen with fear without knowing why. Then you notice their eyes… Smart people don’t answer the door. It’s the ones that do…, Well, that’s what this series is about. This is me answering what comes next.

Ashley Kronsberg: We learn several new things about the B.E.K universe and some key details about the characters the audience has come to love. Was this arc always scripted to reach three volumes? Or did the story expand as you wrote it?

Joe Pruett: The series writes itself. The characters have essentially taken on lives of their own. I’m just the transcriber. Actually, the story is still ready to expand even more. Three volumes is just the end of the first expanded story arc. There’s a lot more story to share, if depend, well, demands it.

Ashley Kronsberg: The concept and motives behind the B.E.K is still, in many ways, developing as we reach the end of the third volume. If the series continues, what kind of things can readers look forward to in the next arc?

Joe Pruett: More background about who the B.E.K. are…where they come from…what are their TRUE motivation. Why are so many of these characters seemingly linked from an almost forgotten past that is only now somewhat coming to life. It’s a puzzle. How do they fit? What do you have when all the pieces are placed together?

Ashley Kronsberg: The art of B.E.K is unique and haunting, ultimately fulfilling the mysterious and terrifying characters you’ve created through the children. Was this style something you sough after when you began working with Szymon Kudranski or was this his interpretation of the story once you two had started working together?

Joe Pruett: This is they style that I always wanted for this tale. I needed someone who could tell the story with mood and shadow, with subtle, yet powerful panels and expressions. I needed someone who would let a look or a pause tell the story, without having to use words. Szymon is able to do that. Plus, Guy Major’s colors add the depth and textures a story like this demands. Together, they are EXACTLY what this series demanded. The entire creative team is perfect. I’m more than pleased. I think the audience is as well.