Matt Nixon Rewired To Ramble About Retcon

At this year's New York Comic Con we were lucky to speak with writer Matt Nixon who shed some light on the first issue of his gonzo comic series, Retcon from Image Comics. The setting is New York City. A man sits in a chair, surrounded by people who seem to share his same burden in life. The man admits to being an alcoholic. He's an army vet. At this point, the dots start connecting. But then, this is Retcon. And if you think like that, you get ahead of yourself, and you'll never be able to connect the dots afterward.

"I want to get you up and running with a story right away," Nixon explains in his interview. "The main character at the moment is Brandon Ross. He's the demon binder."

Demon binder you say? Yes. Flip a few pages into the first issue and you'll see that the burned-out vet who looked like he was going to disappear into a bottle of Southern Comfort is about to bite the faces off of everyone who attended Alcoholics Anonymous that night.

"As these books progress, some of these characters may be pulled out to become more main characters when we Retcon the book." Nixon adds.

Retcon the book, you say? The book's title is now being used as an adjective?

Strange? Yes. Intriguing? Yes. Should you watch the above video to check out Retcon Volume 1 (9781534305502)? Yes!