Howtoons Party Guide

Image Comics and Nick Dragotta, the writer and artist of Howtoons, have created a "Party Guide" to help libraries and schools host a science-based children's and middle grade event.

Click here to download a PDF of the Event Kit Guide!

The Party Guide is based on Howtoons -- the comic book that guides kids in learning through play and facilitates do-it-yourself science activities. With fun, easy-to-follow instructions, kids can make ice cream (without a freezer!), soda bottle stomp rockets, PVC pipe marshmallow shooters, and more! It also includes worksheets with word puzzles and drawing guides, with all-new art by Dragotta.

"I love making things, making comics," said Dragotta of Howtoons in an interview at Multiversity Comics. "So it's cool to be able to share that with kids and show them all these different disciplines. Hopefully we can provide an entertaining story first, that will motivate them to build the projects in the book. Maybe learn something through play."

 More ideas are available in the Howtoons graphic novels:

Howtoons: Tools of Mass Construction Howtoons: [Re]Ignition
Howtoons: Tools of Mass Construction
$17.99, 978-1-63215-101-8 
 Howtoons: [Re]Ignition Volume 1
$9.99, 978-1-63215-056-1

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