Rabbids #1: "Bwaaaaaaah!"

Rabbids # 1: Bwaaaaaaah!Rabbids #1: "Bwaaaaaaah!"
Written by:
Illustrated by: Romain Pujol and Gorobei
Publisher: Papercutz
Format: HC/SC, 6 x 9, 64 pages, Full Color, $12.99/$7.99
ISBN: HC: 978-1-62991-049-9/SC: 978-1-62991-048-2

If you have yet to meet the Rabbids on television or in one of their many video games you are about to meet them in their very own, brand-new graphic novel series from Papercutz.  

Hyper, silly, unpredictably-off-the-hook the Rabbids always entertain, and in their first new graphic novel they do not disappoint. Laugh out loud funny, the Rabbids even experiment with the graphic novel format itself, sometimes going as far as to play with their very own graphic novel story-pages, turning them inside out and upside down to model new and experimentally clever ways to read and write with both words and images.  

Fitting with today's contemporary students' attention spans Rabbids #1 also contains a variety of shorter and longer comic book stories; in other words, feel free to read the entire graphic novel or pick your pleasure, a key factor in fostering in Reading Engagement Theory and the power of offering any-aged reader a choice. Enjoyable from start to finish the new Rabbids #1 is surely going to be a hit with today’s younger readers and the adults that share it with them.  

In sum, if you are looking for a new graphic novel gauranteed to entertain and engage your students this is one of the best new choices on the market.

Elements of Story

Plot: Playful and adventurous, readers join the Rabbids on their wacky adventures and unpredictable choices.  

Characters: Rabbids (lots of them)

Themes: Inference, Play, Friendship, Creativity, Adventure, Goals, Teamwork, Short Stories and Long Stories

Recommended Common Core Standards*

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
7. Integrate and evaluate content presented in diverse formats and media, including visually.

*Even though this is a Language Arts, Reading Common Core Standard for grades K – 5 Rabbids #1 can be read in the upper grades levels as well.

Lesson Plan:

Directions - Because this graphic novel is so creative and engaging an enjoyable lesson plan can revolve around asking students to choose three of their favorite key ideas and details from the Rabbids adventures. The following graphic organizer will help you and your students identify, organize, and then discuss everyone's favorite Rabbids # 1 selections.


Page #


Why is this Rabbids comic your favorite?

List of peers selections that you also really enjoyed!

































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